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Meet The Team

Listed below are the hardworking and reliable members of our team, who are responsible for making everything possible.

| Kris Lee (Cybersecurity Journalist)

Kris Lee is an expert cybersecurity journalist with a strong desire to identify internet risk factors. Kris’s path began with a background in technology and a strong interest in cybersecurity. He is the sole writer and chief editor of the resources section of AV Ghost which is dedicated to exposing online fraudulent activities, data breaches, and emerging risks through the use of the internet to make the digital world a safer place for everyone.

| Anna Ditka (Troubleshoot Technician)

Anna Ditka is a computer technician who enjoys tinkering with technology and assisting people in fixing electronic devices. Growing up, Anna was always interested by computers and gadgets, spending hours investigating their possibilities and troubleshooting any problems that emerged. Her natural curiosity and problem-solving abilities inspired her to pursue a career in technical assistance, where she could use her passion for technology to help others.

| Michael Chen (Malware Researcher)

Michael Chen is a cybersecurity researcher with over 20 years of experience in the area. Chen’s foray into cybersecurity began long before it became a common term, motivated by a love of technology and a genuine dedication to computer security. Over the years, he has observed the progression of cyber dangers, from simple viruses to complex malware and ransomware attacks. He understands the practical ramifications of cybersecurity threats and is skilled at establishing risk-mitigation and vulnerability-protection methods.

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